A good whole school food culture supports children’s health and wellbeing and attainment. In our school we are committed to providing healthy, nutritious and tasty meals for all children. We believe consuming the right food at school can fuel children’s minds and bodies.  Our dining hall is an integral part of the school, where children and teachers eat together, and children are encouraged to serve themselves and make healthy choices.

At Imperial Oak, our curriculum includes the teaching and learning of practical cooking skills. We supply children with the knowledge to make informed choices about healthy eating. Throughout the year, we celebrate cuisines from a range of cultures all around the world. From farm to fork, children will have the opportunity to learn where their food comes from and the journey it takes to our plates.

With the informed advice from a qualified nutritionist, our menu has been carefully curated to offer a balanced diet. Our on-site chef caters for all dietary requirements and provides varied meals that adhere to health guidelines. Where possible our school will use fresh and local produce. A termly menu will be published and provided at the start of term.