Our School

Our School

At Imperial Oak Preparatory School, our goal is to provide an approach to education that maximises the benefit for every child. We recognise that no two children are alike and that as a result, their learning and development must be tailored to get the best outcome.

Group Approach, Individual Development

We recognise the importance of group activities in promoting teamwork, social development, and community spirit. However, we also understand the significance of personalised learning. Therefore, we maintain small class sizes of no more than 16 students. This ensures that each student can learn according to their individual learning style while benefiting from the valuable interactions within the group setting.

Teaching with Values

We believe that any good education must be based on values. It has to be about more than absorbing information or problem-solving, as vital as those things are as pillars of education. We want to provide a pathway to excellence as one of the best private schools in Central London, and that means a focus on kindness, inclusion, independence, resilience, and responsibility. These are the core values from which our excellent academic education stems.

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Our school is best equipped to give your child the ideal educational experience that is available to them. Choosing your child’s school can be difficult, and is not a decision taken lightly. Above all, we understand the level of trust required to place your child’s education in our hands. Get in touch today to discuss your child’s needs and look at applying for a place with us.