Our History

Our History

Our story began over 15 years ago when our founders,  a husband and wife, realised their son wasn’t adequately prepared for school despite attending nursery for over two years. This revelation ignited a passion within them to ensure no other parents or child faced the same struggle. Thus, they embarked on a mission to create a nurturing environment where children receive the essential skills needed to thrive in school and beyond.

After years of meticulous research and assembling a dedicated team, our Day Nursery in Greenwich borough was established. Since then, we’ve provided care and education to hundreds of children in our community. Our approach emphasises learning through play, focusing on seven key areas to lay a strong foundation for each child’s academic and personal development.

Driven by the success of our nursery, and many parents expressing a desire for us to extend our educational offerings to primary school. After thorough deliberation and research, we proudly introduce Imperial Oak Preparatory School.

Our vision is rooted in the belief that every child is unique and deserving of quality education and support.

At Imperial, our goal is to nurture each pupil’s talents and abilities, regardless of background or ability, ensuring they receive the necessary guidance to excel.

We aim to bridge disparities by empowering our children to become lifelong learners, equipped with the confidence and independence to tackle future challenges.

Join us as we strive to provide a holistic educational experience that prepares our chldren to thrive in an ever-changing world.