Our Values

At Imperial Oak, we take immense pride in providing a distinctive educational experience meticulously crafted to foster intellectual growth and instil values that align seamlessly with our core principles of Kindness, Inclusion, Resilience, Independence, and Responsibility. Our approach to education goes beyond academic excellence; it encompasses the nurturing of these fundamental values in our students, ensuring that they not only excel academically but also become compassionate, inclusive, resilient, independent, and responsible individuals who actively engage in their learning journey and the broader community


We are kind

In our school we model what kindness looks like and inspire kindness in others.  We recognise kindness even in small ways, such as a smile.  We believe kindness enhances positivity and helps children feel good about themselves, promoting empathy and compassion.  We strive to create a place where kind and caring ways make everyone feel safe and secure.


We are inclusive

In our school we foster a family feel and are committed to practising the philosophy of acceptance. We endeavour to give a sense of belonging to every child by ensuring they feel valued, safe, supported and respected. We give children the tools and space to generate their unique contributions.


We are independent

In our school we instil a sense of importance and belonging to each child in order for them to develop their own independent learning skills to improve outcomes. We encourage children to be self-motivated learners who feel confident to set their own goals.


We are Resilient

In our school we equip children with the right tools to face any task with a positive mindset. We believe in always trying your personal best. Our children will be encouraged to embrace challenge, and experience valuable learning opportunities from making mistakes.


We are responsible

In our school we encourage children to promote fairness and integrity. We model taking care of self, nature and things. Children are shown the importance of helping others to make a better world and carrying out tasks to the best of their ability.