Effective Learning: Our Curriculum

Our approach to your children’s education is about focusing on their independence, resilience, and responsibility. At our prep school in Central London, our learning is based on these principles, through which we teach the EYFS curriculum for literacy, mathematics, and understanding the world. We also teach the standard KS1 curriculum alongside a wide range of additional, extracurricular activities to maximise their learning horizons.

Unique Approach: Reception & KS1

Education can mean very different things at apparently subtly different stages of a child’s early life. We use a tailored approach at both the reception curriculum and the KS1 level curriculum. Private schools in London can lose sight of the individual but our aim is always to nurture and recognise the unique energy and needs of every child–while still basing what we do on the valuable research done into the importance of these years in a child’s life and how their education should be approached.

Beyond the Ordinary: Specialisms

Our experienced and specialised teachers are also able to offer a range of additional classes beyond the standard curriculums for unique development opportunities. As one of the best private schools in Central London, we want to be able to unlock every child’s unique talents and passions, and we can offer a range of specialist subjects such as languages, including French, Spanish, and Mandarin, as well as music, art, PE lessons, and extracurricular activities including yoga classes and chess club.

Get in Touch Today

At our primary school in Elephant and Castle, we have no formal entrance exams–just informal assessments of our new students. We’d love to have a chat with you about your child’s future and how we can give them the best possible pathway for their unique potential and development. Get in touch today via phone or email to discuss any questions you may have.